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W360 represents the diversity and inclusion which mirror the needs of the beauty and fashion industry from both a global and community perspective. Though broad in scope, W360 operates as a boutique management agency, where each talent is seen as both an individual and a brand. Our management philosophy is one of collaboration between talents and agents, maximizing the agents long-term relationships in order to reach the individual goals of each of our talent. Talent is encouraged and guided to explore their outside interests in tandem with their traditional work, as social media and consumer interest has enabled them to use their voice and platforms.

Though the fashion industry changes regularly, W360’s strategies are implemented to grow and maintain a successful career for years to come. W360 has streamlined the traditional talent management business across the globe while launching programs aimed at providing new revenue opportunities for our talent to become powerful personalities and digital entrepreneurs.

By creating traditional and digital media campaigns around our diversified and extensive roster, W360 provides its client base the ability to reach a vast audience with their messages and products, creating more efficient and measurable digital media strategies.

Part of the EWG network of fashion talent agencies, W360 has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Paris.