It has come to our attention that scam emails, purporting to be coming from Women Management, offering recipients modeling career opportunities, casting, shootings, portfolio building photo sessions or similar.

These scam emails typically instruct recipients to submit photographs or videos and they often direct the recipient to provide personal information.

Please note that such communications are fraudulent and do not originate from Women Management.


  • Women Management never contacts models directly to scout them, neither via Skype nor email under any circumstances.
  • All of Women Management’s emails come from the following domains:,, and Women Management does not use GMAIL or other email services for its communications.
  • Women Management does not offer portfolio building photo sessions.
  • Women Management does not request any photographs, videos or personal information by email.


We recommend that you do not respond to these propositions and, specifically, do not disclose your personal or financial information to the initiators nor you provide any photographs or videos.

If you have a question about a notice you have received from Women Management, please call 212-334-7780.